In the GeoSense Project we began by utilising commercially available climate and atmosphere measuring instruments and some plant and soil devices too, in order to build our real-time data network architecture and to establish baseline data provisions from proven equipment.

Enometrica is a combination of hardware and software components that we have built using 'ground-up' components for sensors, data loggers, base-stations and end-user data depiction and visualisation. In prototype it consists of a field set of instruments with five nodes each with eight sensors for monitoring climate, atmosphere, soil and plant conditions. The nodes are wirelessly connected to the base-station. The data logged from these sensors is pre-processed by the base-station device and transmitted via the Internet to the GRC server in Auckland New Zealand, where the data is ingested to the main database, consisting of all data from every instrument (including the original weather stations) and processed for reporting purposes. In the field set, the monitoring data is depicted using a 'dashboard' visualisation display.

The accompanying slides illustrate the nature of this project, which is in its infancy, and the sensor topology being employed.